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Kind Homes Farm Stays

Magical Rural Moments for Your Dog

Contact: ​Carine @ 021 202 4171 or Carl @ 021 0297 8772

Pricing and Terms & Conditions

Short Farm Holiday


for 5 consecutive days

Extended Farm Holiday


per day

  1. Prepay online to secure booking as we are not able to accept card payments yet. Our bank account details are: (please use your surname as reference)
  2. Regular customers and customers who let 2 or more of their dogs stay with us, qualify for a 10% discount. 
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure your pet's annual vaccination is up to date prior to arrival.
  4. Your pet will be sharing our home and needs to be flea and worm free. If not we will obtain treatment and the cost will be for your account.
  5. We cannot take responsibility for accidental illness, injury to, or loss of your pet, but do promise to take care of your furry friend as if was our own. If necessary we will obtain treatment from a registered veterinary professional at our discretion and you will be responsible for the cost that will be payable on collection of your pet. We will in all cases try to contact you and keep you informed but will always put the pet's health first.
  6. We stay on the farm and you are welcome to drop off or pick up your pet at any time. A curtesy call/text and keeping to reasonable hours will be appreciated though.
  7. We do not have a surcharge on public holidays or peak seasons but you will be well advised to book ahead of time as we have very limited capacity.
  8. When your pet stay with us you might want us to organize additional services like grooming, vaccinations etc. We can provide these services to you at a rate of $25 an hour plus the rate charged by the professional service providers.
  9. We undertake to provide access to fresh water, one dry and one wet meal and two treats per day. If you have any specific dietary requirements we can accommodate it at no extra cost if you provide the food and at cost, if you want us to buy it for you.
  10. The farm provides for a communal interactive playground with great sensory stimulation, allowing your dog lots of exercise. We also take them on specific adventure trips on the farm and sometimes to the beach when the weather allows.
  11. Each pet gets a warm and dedicated sleeping place in our home and access to a communal mattress if they like to cuddle up. You are also welcome to send your pet's favorite blanket or toy with but please understand it might become a shared resource. 
  12. We are set up for medium to small dogs who are sociable. If you have a very disciplined and friendly larger dog we will try and accommodate you, but there will be an increased risk that the dog might jump over the farm fence. You know your dog's personality the best so please discuss any concerns with us.